Hungry Shark World – An Advanced Traditional Game

hungry shark world review

Diverse features of the Hungry Shark World Game

The recent release of Hungry Shark World in Android and iOS app stores has amounted to more than 10 million downloads in less than a week. It has been created by the Ubisoft Entertainment and has risen to the very top of the free app charts in a very short period. As I played this game, it proved to be enormous fun to play. I played a freely roaming shark with a voracious appetite in an artistic, cartoony ocean vibrant with different colors.  The ocean is full of mouthwatering fishes, swimmers, deep-sea divers, and other goodies. The idea is to eat as much as I can while surviving for as long as I can.

Objectives of hungry shark world

The basic objective of this game is munching anything and everything which comes in your way while at the same time staying protected from enemies who are out to eat you. It involves avoiding the bigger, meaner sharks when you are just starting out and learning which items are tasty to eat and which will harm you. A good tip for novices: avoid jellyfish, floating garbage, and especially naval mines. The accessories that I purchase in the game enabled me to play in an efficient manner.

Black-Tipped Reef Shark

I initiated on my journey as a Black-Tipped Reef Shark, the smallest shark in the game. As I progressed, I was able to upgrade my shark’s speed, bite, and boost, while at the same time buy and equip all types of trendy accessories to personalize my shark. There is a total of 15 sharks to unlock, with the Great White Whale being the biggest of them all. Also, there is a total of three ocean worlds to unlock and explore. This entire experience with the different fishes, in the ocean, proved to be an exhilarating one.

This game is free to download and play, with some in-app purchases available for gold and gems especially for the category of people who like to pay their way to the top. Moreover, I have the option to sync the game with my Facebook account, which gives me the freedom to access free gems for every friend who begins playing. In addition to all this, it permits me to save my game data to the cloud server. The accessories for improving my shark’s capabilities include jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. All of these features make for a wholesome experience.

I had to sustain a steady flow of cash and gems for me so that I could buy and improve my shark’s capability. So I also utilized the hungry shark world tips. The hungry shark trick is an online tool which permits me to acquire unlimited gems & coins. These unlimited resources will enable me to buy whatever I desire. Consequently, I can lord over the seas and devote my energies solely on my eating and survival strategies. All in all, this game proves to be a cat and mouse game where I eat the smaller fishes and escape from the bigger fishes or mines which could prove to be fatal.

Guide For Mobile Strike Game

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Important Guides And Features of Mobile Strike Game

Mobile Strike is a video game, played online, which provide a number of different tasks. These tasks play a major role in building a strength full base and army. There are many similar games like mobile strike are Clash of Clans, Game of War. You have to create a base with the help of tutorial and you have to keep working on as per the instruction given by the game. In starting, every strategy game feels like shit but keep some patience and start playing. Loved part of this game is when missions start. In beginning, objectives need maximum fifteen to twenty minute but as per completing starting objectives. You have to spend more time like forty to fifty minutes. Plug in your phone charger and stick to Mobile Strike.

Best Tips For Mobile Strike Can Help Us

By adding and replacing the component, you have to work more to win. This game is design to never bore you so when you start playing for the first time, easy tasks and base building tips help but after passing some days you need to keep yourself with a strategy otherwise you will be pulled in the dark. Your hunger to win will start after achieving all small missions. For winning big fights, you need fellow gamers which can be lifesavers. Chat with your fellow gamers and plan with them to execute the enemy. Five most useful tips to win a mission are

  • Building Base: Ranking of a gamer can be easily decided by looking at his base. The massive base is hard to win so small enemies will never try to fight with you. Build base, upgrade and then defend it from enemies.
  • Building Commanders: You can build a commander with some specialties, you wanted to in your commander. Everyone has a different kind of playing style. Customized commander will suit your playing style. And you will be well aware of how to play best with him.
  • Alliance Power: People who are interested in playing with you can help you to reach on top of PvP ladder. Give a helping hand to your fellows and then they will be ready to in your alliance. Go and team up to win.
  • In-Build Translator: If you are trying to alliance your power with a person who doesn’t understand your language then this tool can help you. Your messages will be translated with this tool.
  • Equipment: Use all the different items discovered in the crate and converting them into armors and weapon.

Well, these are the best tips which will never let you lose. One additional tip for winning is collect gold as much as you can. These gold coins will be helpful to upgrade. There are many beginners guides for mobile strike available online but we suggest you to never use these because these apps can copy your personal data and password which can be misused. An alternative option for getting coins is buying it. There are much more products in this game which can also be purchased with real money.

Pixel Gun 3D New 11.0.0 Update Review

Hello Guys, recently pixel gun 3d game has a major 11.0.0 update and has introduced lots of crazy new things to us in the game, it’s almost been a year now since the last 10.0.0 update was released by Rilisoft. Today, we will check all the new features available in the game like new game mode, new weapons and armory league section one by one and will look in to close to the updates made by the game. So let’s get started now.

pixel gun 3d update overview

DUEL, The New Game Mode :

                There is a new game mode called Duel, Now you can fight with the top players of pixel gun 3d game along with 3 brand new maps called Ghost Town, Night Pool And Space Arena. Night Pool is pretty interesting and I recommend to you to definitely try it out and unlock the Duel as fast as you can because it has lots of crazy views and surprises available out there for you. So first thing you are going to do is just head to the Night Pool and give it a try.

New Weapons :

There are lots of new weapons available now in this new pixel gun 3d 11.0.0 update, out of these there are 6 major weapons which may be interesting and one should try are : 1) Bad Doctor 2) Toxic Bane 3) Bee Swarm Spell 4) Minigun Pistol 5) Heavy Shocker 6)Charge Cannon.

Brand New Armory League Section :

Now this is a really brand new thing for us that Rilisoft has introduced new armory section in the game, Now in this section now you can buy all new golden skins for your gun, you can pick your new and unique hats and also you can get new super skin for your character as well. Rilisoft has made lots of new changes in the design and navigation also. There are now new categories available in the skin sections where you can choose your skins as per the different categories available. Now we don’t need to use different kinds of pixel gun 3d hack for getting the favorite skins as per our choice, those all skins can be found right to these categories.

pixel gun update overview

With all these new features, Rilisoft has also upgraded their achievements in the game and now you can see new achievements are available in the game to complete, There are some unique crosshair available for some weapons, It has changed the design of the Lucky Chest as well as New Mode Selection, there are also new lobby designs have introduced and now you can also select the lobby music as per your favorites and choose different music from lobby music settings. There is new and updated Slender Forest map designed in this 11.0.0 update by the Rilisoft. You can now see the new design of bosses in the game campaign.

So these are the major big changes has been made in this new 11.0.0 update of pixel gun 3d game. Hope you liked this information and please do like and share this post in your circle so that we can create bigger community and please do comment your requests in the comments box about any game reviews and updates reviews you want we post. Hope you liked this pixel gun 3d new update review and and enjoyed the same. Thanks.

Some Easy Steps To Understand The Features Of Madden Mobile Trick

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Madden Mobile Trick To Unlock Your Favorite Team


You should understand the basic features of madden mobile trick before you start using the same for obtaining more coins.

If you are fond of Madden Mobile, then you should know that there are madden mobile trick tools that work for the players and generate more coins and cash on their account. This is a very famous phenomenon in the world of online gaming, and now you can enjoy having the best service with the most exclusive trick and guide tools. Make sure that you are obtaining the service from a reliable website so that you can be sure of getting the maximum numbers of coins in your account.

How The Trick Works?

All the websites that offer trick and guides follow a certain technology to use the same. There is a particular process of this.

  • The developers design and develop trick and guide tools. With the help of the tools, the developers trick the server of the game.
  • Next they manipulate the system and access coins and cash from there. Then they provide a certain number of coins to the account of the players who use that trick.
  • The system is a downloadable one. You need to download the madden mobile hack app on your mobile to trick the coins.

What Are The Best Features?

Every trick and guide tool has some distinct characteristics. You should be aware of these features to use it in the best possible manner.

  • There are two types of trick and guides available in the online world; one that the players need to download and the other one that they can play online without saving anything on their device.
  • The primary aim of both of these tools is to offer you the maximum number of madden mobile coins so that you can access the next levels of the game easily.
  • No matter whether you download it or not, the tool should never disclose your identity to the game developers so that they cannot ban you from playing the game in future.

How To Choose The Best One?

Before you select any of these tools from the online market, make sure that you are choosing a best one.

  • Opt for the website that use the most authentic, recent and faithful madden mobile coin trick system.
  • You can try using their guide generator for once to see how good they are in providing a trustworthy service.
  • Sometimes, the trick and guide may not work successfully. Apart from some rare technical faults, that may happen because of the wrong information about your account provided by you.

What You Should Keep In Your Mind?

While using the guides for madden mobile, you need to keep some points in your mind. First of all, check the version of the game and make sure that it is the latest one. You need to choose the right operating system that is installed on your device. Ensure that you have provided the correct user ID and other details as per the instruction of the trick tool. If you find any errors, search for the solution right then. You can try getting the coins and cash once you solve the issue. You can use the tool as many times as you want.

Beat Every Odd With Marvel Contest Of Champions Trick

marvel coc

The most remarkable feature of the marvel contest of champions trick is that it enables you to choose your coins, Gold and platform in one process.

This is a game of battles and intermittent tussled involving various forms of heroes. They are articulately pitted against their evil counterparts all throughout the gaming series. Marvel is one of the most renowned comics brand in the world and its game is equally scintillating. You will find that this game comprises fewer names and peers. You can choose your characters whenever you want.

How Does The Trick Fit In?

The game has a very unique nature, which makes it very popular amongst all players. There are a lot of stages in the game, which define its phase-wise derivatives.

  • At the initial stage, you do have the access to some heroes while others remain locked.
  • When you want to unlock them for defeating your enemies, you will find that the game asks you to spend money on ships and crystals. This makes things tough.
  • The marvel contest of champions hack provides you with all such resources without a cost. You just have to run the generator and specify the number of items you require.

How To Use The Trick?

It’s hard to obtain the ships and crystals required to unblock you heroes. The intrinsic process of the game is both tedious and expensive. But, the marvel contest of champions guides enables you to tackle things smoothly.

  • As a player, you can then create unbeatable and formidable heroes, or build super squads. Even new players will find this trick enjoyable.
  • The guides have an array of features. They involve various levels or formats of protections. This factor alone makes it possible for you to win each round.
  • The guides give your immediate access to all the features, which help in withstanding every wiles and attacks of your enemies.

How To Complete The Process?

You can generate unlimited resources through the awesome generator. If you want to how to play marvel contest of champions, you first need to enter your e-mail ID knit with your mobile phone.

  • You will then have to select your platform followed by the amount or number of Gold, Unit, health and energy.
  • You will find that each resource has a different domain. You have to specifically type the amount in their boxes.
  • After doing this bit, you just have to click on the ‘generate’ button. The fast servers will do the job for you within a few minutes.

Is There Anything Else To Be Done?

As far as your trick is concerned, you don’t need to do anything more. It is a free tool giving you all the resources needed to come out on top. On some occasions, you might have to download the trick from the link and set it up in your machine. This is rare, but there are times when you have to do this for getting access to it. After you’ve done that, you can plug and continue playing. The other processes remain the same. It operates efficiently and effectively on Windows and Macintosh. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can also access this trick from your laptop, smart phone or tablets.