Hungry Shark World – An Advanced Traditional Game

hungry shark world review

Diverse features of the Hungry Shark World Game

The recent release of Hungry Shark World in Android and iOS app stores has amounted to more than 10 million downloads in less than a week. It has been created by the Ubisoft Entertainment and has risen to the very top of the free app charts in a very short period. As I played this game, it proved to be enormous fun to play. I played a freely roaming shark with a voracious appetite in an artistic, cartoony ocean vibrant with different colors.  The ocean is full of mouthwatering fishes, swimmers, deep-sea divers, and other goodies. The idea is to eat as much as I can while surviving for as long as I can.

Objectives of hungry shark world

The basic objective of this game is munching anything and everything which comes in your way while at the same time staying protected from enemies who are out to eat you. It involves avoiding the bigger, meaner sharks when you are just starting out and learning which items are tasty to eat and which will harm you. A good tip for novices: avoid jellyfish, floating garbage, and especially naval mines. The accessories that I purchase in the game enabled me to play in an efficient manner.

Black-Tipped Reef Shark

I initiated on my journey as a Black-Tipped Reef Shark, the smallest shark in the game. As I progressed, I was able to upgrade my shark’s speed, bite, and boost, while at the same time buy and equip all types of trendy accessories to personalize my shark. There is a total of 15 sharks to unlock, with the Great White Whale being the biggest of them all. Also, there is a total of three ocean worlds to unlock and explore. This entire experience with the different fishes, in the ocean, proved to be an exhilarating one.

This game is free to download and play, with some in-app purchases available for gold and gems especially for the category of people who like to pay their way to the top. Moreover, I have the option to sync the game with my Facebook account, which gives me the freedom to access free gems for every friend who begins playing. In addition to all this, it permits me to save my game data to the cloud server. The accessories for improving my shark’s capabilities include jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. All of these features make for a wholesome experience.

I had to sustain a steady flow of cash and gems for me so that I could buy and improve my shark’s capability. So I also utilized the hungry shark world tips. The hungry shark trick is an online tool which permits me to acquire unlimited gems & coins. These unlimited resources will enable me to buy whatever I desire. Consequently, I can lord over the seas and devote my energies solely on my eating and survival strategies. All in all, this game proves to be a cat and mouse game where I eat the smaller fishes and escape from the bigger fishes or mines which could prove to be fatal.

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