Pixel Gun 3D New 11.0.0 Update Review

Hello Guys, recently pixel gun 3d game has a major 11.0.0 update and has introduced lots of crazy new things to us in the game, it’s almost been a year now since the last 10.0.0 update was released by Rilisoft. Today, we will check all the new features available in the game like new game mode, new weapons and armory league section one by one and will look in to close to the updates made by the game. So let’s get started now.

pixel gun 3d update overview

DUEL, The New Game Mode :

                There is a new game mode called Duel, Now you can fight with the top players of pixel gun 3d game along with 3 brand new maps called Ghost Town, Night Pool And Space Arena. Night Pool is pretty interesting and I recommend to you to definitely try it out and unlock the Duel as fast as you can because it has lots of crazy views and surprises available out there for you. So first thing you are going to do is just head to the Night Pool and give it a try.

New Weapons :

There are lots of new weapons available now in this new pixel gun 3d 11.0.0 update, out of these there are 6 major weapons which may be interesting and one should try are : 1) Bad Doctor 2) Toxic Bane 3) Bee Swarm Spell 4) Minigun Pistol 5) Heavy Shocker 6)Charge Cannon.

Brand New Armory League Section :

Now this is a really brand new thing for us that Rilisoft has introduced new armory section in the game, Now in this section now you can buy all new golden skins for your gun, you can pick your new and unique hats and also you can get new super skin for your character as well. Rilisoft has made lots of new changes in the design and navigation also. There are now new categories available in the skin sections where you can choose your skins as per the different categories available. Now we don’t need to use different kinds of pixel gun 3d hack for getting the favorite skins as per our choice, those all skins can be found right to these categories.

pixel gun update overview

With all these new features, Rilisoft has also upgraded their achievements in the game and now you can see new achievements are available in the game to complete, There are some unique crosshair available for some weapons, It has changed the design of the Lucky Chest as well as New Mode Selection, there are also new lobby designs have introduced and now you can also select the lobby music as per your favorites and choose different music from lobby music settings. There is new and updated Slender Forest map designed in this 11.0.0 update by the Rilisoft. You can now see the new design of bosses in the game campaign.

So these are the major big changes has been made in this new 11.0.0 update of pixel gun 3d game. Hope you liked this information and please do like and share this post in your circle so that we can create bigger community and please do comment your requests in the comments box about any game reviews and updates reviews you want we post. Hope you liked this pixel gun 3d new update review and and enjoyed the same. Thanks.

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